About Spirion®

Spirion®, headquartered in New York City, is the leading provider of enterprise data management software to help businesses reduce their sensitive data footprint and proactively minimize the risks, costs and reputational damage of successful cyberattacks. Spirion Data Platform™ helps organizations avoid costly data breaches by discovering, classifying, monitoring and protecting personal information, medical records, credit card numbers, and intellectual property stored across the enterprise, within e-mail, and in the cloud. Spirion specializes in the high-precision search and automated classification of unstructured data using its AnyFind engine's unparalleled accuracy when analyzing human-generated text and images. Spirion has thousands of customers among leading firms in the healthcare, public sector, retail, education, financial services, energy, industrial, and entertainment markets.

Our Management Team

Spirion's management team is comprised of internationally-recognized leaders in security, privacy and electronic commerce.

Jo Webber
Dr. Jo Webber

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Feinman
Todd Feinman

Founder and Chief Product Officer

David Milner
David Milner

Chief Financial Officer

AG Crum
AG Crum

Chief Operating Officer

Gabriel Gumbs
Gabriel Gumbs

VP of Product Strategy & Technical Marketing

 david goldman
David Goldman

Chief Technical Officer

Strategic Advisory Board Members

Meet Our Team

Spirion's experts make regular appearances at trade shows and often speak at security conferences, seminars, and corporate briefings on the topics of data leakage prevention and identity theft protection. Join Spirion at the upcoming events below.

Spirion in the News

CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC are just a few of the news outlets following Spirion and Sensitive Data Management's success. See all our recent press below.

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