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DLM and ILM Practices Must Meet Data Privacy Laws

Data lifecycle management (DLM) and information lifecycle management (ILM) are common IT practices within today’s enterprises. Organizations implement them for…

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Data privacy and compliance: Looking ahead

The world of data privacy is ever-evolving, and with more and more countries not only proposing privacy legislation but actually…

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Comparing the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act with the CCPA/CPRA

The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) was passed into law on March 2, 2021, and it represents the second…

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Florida Data Privacy Legislation: Comparing the proposed Florida Data Protection Law with the CCPA/CPRA

On March 10, 2021, a rights-based data protection bill proposed by Florida’s House of Representatives passed out of the House’s…


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How to leverage data inventories to achieve CCPA and GDPR compliance success

Data inventories are directories for managing sensitive data throughout an enterprise. Organizations can leverage those inventories to achieve and maintain…

CCPA GDPR Sensitive Data

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Data privacy and compliance in 2021: CCPA, CPRA, GDPR

The privacy landscape is evolving and increasingly becoming more complex. Over the past few years, public awareness has grown, which…

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Is your business ready to comply with DSARs?

With the ever-expanding privacy laws, like the GDPR, CCPA, and recent passing of the CPRA, consumers have become increasingly data-savvy.…


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What does California Privacy Rights Act mean for the future of data protection?

About the author Scott M. Giordano is an attorney with more than 20 years of legal, technology, and risk management…

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