How automated, persistent data classification bolsters regulatory compliance

If the idea of comparing the current expansion rate of global data production with the rate of growth of the universe from the Big Bang seems little hyperbolic, consider: nearly 90% of all the information in human existence has been created in just the last few years alone. In fact, as of 2020, every person on the planet produced nearly 1.7MB of data every second — an unprecedented and nearly unimaginable figure.

Naturally, managing that data has become increasingly more challenging as data velocity and volume have increased. That’s especially the case when considering how and by whom that data can be accessed or used, governed both by company policy and, more importantly, by industry and government regulations.

Effective and thorough data classification is a core component to consistently meeting and exceeding data management regulatory standards. Failing to meet those standards — high-profile and expansive regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and others — can result in punitive fines and fees, legal liability, and irreversible damage to consumers’ trust in a brand.

Yet, despite these obvious and significant risks, many organizations still struggle to effectively catalog every byte of data in their environment because today’s enterprise data lives in many platforms, applications, devices, and machines that reside beyond the reach of legacy data classification tools with limited capabilities and a heavy reliance on manual data management operations.

Classification for the modern enterprise

Modern data lifecycle management requires modern solutions, and both IT and business leaders are increasingly seeking automated and more robust data classification solutions to help keep their data safe and their businesses out of legal trouble.

They’re recognizing that comprehensive data privacy and security isn’t just about identifying or discovering sensitive information; it’s also a matter of properly and purposefully classifying it to protect it against unauthorized access, use, and modification that can lead to severe financial, regulatory, and legal ramifications.

Every social security number, medical record, customer file, or other sensitive information has a level of sensitivity and confidentiality that defines the level of protection it commands, including who can view it and how it can be used. But legacy tools and methodologies tend to leave huge gaps in data privacy management because the data sets are too large to manage manually and because data is constantly evolving – it’s added, moved, copied or altered — that increases the degree of difficulty in maintaining appropriate classifications.

Fortunately, a new generation of data classification solutions that automatically (and persistently) classifies data and updates its tags as it moves through the data lifecycle. Now, any time data changes in any manner, for any reason, it’s classified with the appropriate tags for access, use, and archiving. These solutions simplify an increasingly complex, but vital data operation that unburdens IT teams of time-consuming manual work while significantly enhancing the company’s ability to comply with ever-changing data management regulations.

Automated, compliance-ready data classification with Spirion

Spirion delivers unrivaled persistent data classification capabilities to help organizations of all sizes, in any industry, properly protect their most sensitive information and easily keep pace with changes and updates to even the most stringent data governance compliance regulations.

Spirion helps organizations assert greater control over their enterprise data, no matter where it resides in their IT environment. Unlike tools that rely on catalogue-based classification that scans for metadata or column names for label assignment, Spirion provides a more robust, responsive, and scalable classification solution that:

  • Classifies each piece of information with purpose.  This includes dynamic classification labelling, which updates classification labels when labels are modified or added.
  • Categorizes and tags data automatically based on sensitivity and existing information security policy and processes, regardless of how many times data is moved or copied.
  • Features at-a-glance, user friendly icons and classification markers for each bit of data.
  • Automatically labels data based on its purpose of collection, the process through which it was collected, and its privacy level, then federates labels across the entire IT environment

Spirion solutions streamlines and simplify data classification activities across every type of data, in every location across the IT environment, helping enterprises across industries and markets quickly, reliably, and continuously update data classification from a single platform to dramatically enhance their data compliance initiatives while also protecting their bottom line.

Want to dig deeper? Access our Data Classification content track.

Access our Data Classification content track to learn more about using Spirion to replace outdated, manual data classification and automate your most important compliance operations or watch an on-demand video demo of the platform in action.  

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