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Meet Data Compliance Requirements with a Data Protection Plan

In recent years, a whole host of new laws regulating how sensitive information is collected, used, stored, shared, and disposed…

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eCommerce Security Threat Outcomes Online Retailers Should Plan For

Online retailers face perpetual cybersecurity threats; this is the reality of our highly digital, data-driven world where those threats grow…

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Ten Steps to an Effective Data Protection Program

What is a data protection program? Data protection involves securing sensitive data so organizations can use it for business purposes…

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Spirion Data Governance Suite:
Sensitive data needs one clear protector.

About the author With a 15-year career that has spanned telecommunications, geospatial analysis, machine vision and more, Jason Hodgert focuses…

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How Sensitive Data Discovery Tools Help with PCI Compliance

The amount of sensitive data that organizations gather and store increases daily, and it needs to be protected in order…

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Spirion Wins Four Global InfoSec Awards for Privacy Management Software, Digital Footprint Security, Compliance and Cybersecurity Analytics

We are excited to share the news that Spirion has won four prestigious Global InfoSec Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine…


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eCommerce data security software best practices

You put valuable time, energy, and resources into making your eCommerce business a success. Don’t let a data security violation…

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Ensuring Data Privacy While Preserving Data Integrity

Organizations rely on data to make strategic decisions—but if you can’t trust the accuracy and integrity of your data, how…

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