Is your company properly securing data wherever it lives?

Data is the coin of the modern business realm. It’s created entirely new industries and transformed the way companies of…

Focus on changing perimeter protection

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Securing data will likely be a key theme to the month, as data privacy laws…

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Why data footprint reduction is essential to data security and how to do it right

It’s nearly impossible to overstate how rapidly the data universe is growing. While most people still think enterprise data is…

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How automated, persistent data classification bolsters regulatory compliance

If the idea of comparing the current expansion rate of global data production with the rate of growth of the…

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Florida Data Privacy Legislation: Comparing the proposed Florida Data Protection Law with the CCPA/CPRA

On March 10, 2021, a rights-based data protection bill proposed by Florida’s House of Representatives passed out of the House’s…


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What Are the Risks of Not Reporting a Data Breach?

A data breach of sensitive customer information can be a complicated and critical issue for companies. Preventing data breaches is…

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What is Privacy-Grade data protection?

Privacy-Grade data protection shows the way forward In many enterprises around the world, the data tension is palpable. To keep…

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Why accurate data discovery is essential to comprehensive data protection

What gets measured gets managed, the old saying goes. But it’s hard to measure and manage what you can’t see.…

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Building a data loss prevention (DLP) solution with data discovery, classification, and remediation capabilities

Data loss prevention (DLP) is critical for any organization that collects, stores and uses sensitive data. Data loss occurs when…


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The costly (and dangerous) limits to your next-gen firewall and CASB solutions

Data security has taken on a whole new importance these days. As the average cost of a data breach continues…