How It Works

Despite all of the great security products available today, the number of data breaches continues to rise. More
than a half-billion personal records of U.S. residents have been exposed since 2005, and in 2008 alone 10 million
Americans were victims of identity fraud, an increase from 2007 by over 20%. It’s time for a fresh approach.

Spirion introduces a new philosophy to data leakage prevention. Traditional Data-in-Motion data loss prevention
approaches defend the border of an organization, trying to keep the bad guys out. If history has taught us anything, it
is that hackers, viruses, malware, and others will always find a way onto our systems. Spirion goes to the source
of the data loss problem and secures Data-at-Rest. Read more about the strength of
Data-at-Rest versus Data-in-Motion.

Spirion offers Businesses the strongest Data-at-Rest data loss prevention solution on the market. Our software quickly
and effectively finds sensitive data – data that can be anywhere and that most organizations do not even know still exists. With a
number of configurations options, Spirion can be
deployed to each machine,
used to search agentlessly,
or a hybrid approach.
Beyond identification, we offer remediation capabilities to clean this data. This way you reduce your risk exposure. If hackers or viruses get onto your
system, you dramatically reduce the chances of them finding sensitive data and a data breach from ever occurring again. Businesses should
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