Features and Benefits

Spirion boasts a full palette of features and benefits, many of which are summarized here.

Business Benefits

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Spirion is easy to install and set up, eliminating the need for expensive professional services. Spirion has an MSI installer for Windows and a graphical application we call “msibuilder” that allows easy customization. The Endpoint Client may then be rapidly deployed via Group Policy (Active Directory) or any other Patch Management system (such as LanDesk). The Mac Endpoint Client (in .PKG format) may be deployed similarly. These allow for silent, network propagated installations or direct user installations without the need for complicated manual services. Once deployed, the DLP Console can be configured to automatically upgrade Endpoint Clients directly from our website or via your custom installer.

With an intuitive interface, extensive Knowledge Base and responsive Technical Support, most of our customers spend just a few hours installing Spirion. Spirion searches for FERPA data, PCI data, HIPAA data, and every other regulation or compliance data type, with no configuration needed and at no extra cost.

Sensitive data leaks out of secure systems on a daily basis. With each email, Excel spreadsheet or instant message, the number of devices in your secure data environment grows, and your audit and compliance costs go through the roof. Spirion will reduce audit and compliance costs by deleting all of those copies, shrinking the size of your secure data environment. Once you combine the tens of thousands of dollars you’ll save in audit and compliance costs with easy installation and maintenance, it’s clear that Spirion has a very low total cost of ownership.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Spirion is a key component to several legal, agency, and industry regulations, including: PCI-DSS 2.0, HIPAA and HITECH, State Breach Notification Laws, Red Flag Rules, Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Unmatched Accuracy

Spirion is so accurate that our customers report a false positive rate of 2% or less; up to 25 times more accurate than our competitors. To achieve these unprecedented results, Spirion’s AnyFind® technology utilizes advanced proprietary algorithms incorporating contextual analysis, proximity checks, validations, industry checksums, minimum counts, and a variety of user customizable settings.

For specific file types, such as Microsoft Excel, Spirion knows that while a cell might display 123-45-6789, different versions of Excel store numbers in different ways internally. Spirion intelligently adjusts its validation algorithms based on file type so that cells in CSVs include commas, Excel 2007 and later files include XML tags, and Excel 2003 and below include carriage returns, and trailing decimals.

Spirion takes further steps by looking for keywords, negative keywords, context, minimum counts, and a variety of user customizable settings allow Spirion to only match the information that is real PII. Once potential PII is found, Identity Finder’s AnyFind® tool can validate the number against additional rules, such as Social Security Administration rules to ensure that an SSN could have been issued. It passes potential credit card numbers through the Luhn algorithm, and compares the number against definitions from issuing banks and financial institutions. These few examples of intelligent, real-time and context-aware search features maximize accuracy and drastically reduce false positive results.

Powerful Reporting

Spirion allows results to be reported in a wide variety of ways for both users on the Endpoint Client and administrators from the central DLP Console. Our out-of-the-box reports can be tailored for high-level decision-makers who need an enterprise-wide risk analysis, technologists who must implement remediation, or end-users trying to improve behavior and understand their own systems.

Data Inventory

Spirion creates and tracks a detailed data inventory so you can see what has changed over time. You will be able to measure progress toward compliance and know which assets were compromised should a device become stolen or lost. Having an up-to-date data inventory aids compliance with several regulations, and enables a quick, surgical response in case a breach ever occurs.

Intuitive Interface

Spirion’s award-winning, wizard-based interfaces for both finding and remediating sensitive data are approachable and intuitive for non-technical and advanced users.

Improves Business Processes

Spirion improves business processes and employee behavior by making them aware of the underlying problems that lead to data leakage and breaches. Spirion’s detailed analysis empowers decision-makers and employees to identify and fix broken or risky business practices and prevent future sensitive data leakage.

Usability Features

Agentless Search and Remediation

Spirion offers agentless or remote searching, remediation and reporting. As long as the Spirion process has proper credentials, the Endpoint Client can scan any remote location mounted and visible on the network regardless of file system format. UNC paths, IP Addresses, NETBIOS Names, and Fully Qualified Domain Names are searched no differently than the local file system – without the need to deploy an additional Endpoint Client to those remote endpoints. This will allow IT staff to conduct manual or automated scans of any remote endpoint on the network without notification to the local user of that endpoint.

Empowered End User Searching and Remediation

In contrast to Agentless Search, end users may be empowered to search and remediate their own devices. Experience has shown that data owners are often in the best position to evaluate the how useful information is. Consequently, Spirion may be deployed on each end point and configured to allow end users to search and remediate their own systems through a series of simple, streamlined, and intuitive wizards.

Hybrid Searching and Remediation

Most commonly Spirion is deployed using a hybrid approach of Empowered End Users and Agentless searching. Using the granular controls provided in the Spirion DLP Console, any feature or control may be delegated to end users or managed centrally. Power users or IT staff can take advantage of our Advanced Interface to have full access to our entire package – including all identity types, custom searches, multiple-criteria searches, advanced locations, and even remote searches.

AnyFind® Technology

Spirion’s AnyFind® searching engine uses a variety of complimentary methods to positively identify PII (such as credit card and social security numbers). It goes well beyond using simple regular expressions to match delimited SSNs with the specific patterns in traditionally formatted SSNs. Spirion also finds formats unique to certain file types as well as finding unformatted, or non-delimited 9-digit social security numbers.


Spirion DLP Console provides centralized reporting and remote administration, remediation, and scheduling. Its simple and powerful interface generates reports, customizes and controls end points.

Centralized Policies & Granular Control

Spirion understands that your organization has distinct business and regulatory requirements and a unique network topology. Some organizations allow their employees to have complete control over their own systems, while others require centralized control of the scanning and remediation process. Some organizations require independent verification and scheduled scans, some will allow limited end-user action, while others require only compliance monitoring. Some organizations have robust software distribution methodologies and others that have no process or tools whatsoever.

The DLP Console allows you to set pre-defined policies and criteria for multiple Endpoint Clients at the same time. These can be used to control every single feature of an Endpoint Client from a single location. The search criteria, custom identity types, remote endpoint targets, available remediation options, and more can be set and assigned for one, multiple, or all endpoints from within the DLP Console’s interface. DLP Console administrators may ensure that certain roles only have access to certain features, reports, or subset of endpoints. This type of drill-down administration separates Spirion from many of the competitors in the marketplace. Regardless of your needs or network topology Spirion provides granular policy control, making it easy to deploy upgrades, push new policies, schedule searches, review results, and generate reports.

Managed Distribution

Our Endpoint Client software uses a standard installation package that can be easily customized or not used at all; and our application can be used with a full user interface or via a command line.

Technology Features

Data at Rest Search

For companies which need to protect sensitive customer and employee personal information, or comply with a state and federal security regulations, Spirion is a sensitive data discovery and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software product that finds and secures sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) quickly, accurately, and affordably.

Unlike traditional data-in-motion DLP products which try block information as it passes over a network, Spirion searches for and protects PII at its source. Because Spirion takes a data-at-rest approach to DLP, our software finds and secures forgotten PII on every inch of your hard drive, stoping leaks well before they reach an egress point. Whether your computer is infected, lost, stolen, or hacked, Spirion ensures your data is safe. The unmatched accuracy of our data-at-rest AnyFind® technology is at least 25 times more accurate than data-in-motion DLP because it utilizes advanced proprietary algorithms incorporating contextual analysis, proximity checks, validations, industry checksums, minimum counts, and a variety of user customizable settings.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Spirion DLP’s OCR Module enables Spirion to search inside PDF images, BMP, DCX, JP2, JPG, JPF, JPM, JPX, PCX, PNG, and TIFF files seamlessly and with unprecedented accuracy. This is of critical importance since many e-fax services store faxes as TIF or PDF image files. Additionally, many PDF forms are scanned and stored on disk or in e-mail attachments after being signed.


Spirion will secure or encrypt files in three ways, directly through the Endpoint Client. 1) Spirion offers native application encryption for Adobe PDF, Office, Zip, and other files. 2) Spirion provides its own proprietary 256-bit AES whole-file encryption option for all file formats. 3) In the event you already use an encryption product, Spirion enables you to encrypt files using that product. Spirion utilizes command line controls to maximize compatibility with third party encryption applications.

Scrubbing and Redaction

Spirion will redact or “scrub” sensitive data within a file, replacing sensitive data with non-sensitive characters, without disturbing the other data in the file. This feature is especially useful for PCI-DSS 2.0 compliance, which often requires masking or truncation. Other financial data or other files containing a combination of confidential and non-confidential information may be quickly and efficiently redacted.


File destruction or “Shredding” uses the Department of Defense’s 5220-22.M deletion standard to ensure that data cannot be recovered using software-based forensic tools. This action is available both for users interacting with the Spirion Endpoint as well as for administrators using the Spirion DLP Console.


Quarantine allows users with an Spirion Endpoint Client and administrators with the Spirion DLP Console to securely move files containing sensitive data to a local or remote location that has been deemed secure. Spirion can leave a customized text file to let users know where the file was moved, or containing other instructions.

Searching All File Types

Spirion finds PII in any file type Spirion first searches files based on its own broad library of proprietary filters, including Office documents, database filters, images and scanned pdf filters. Spirion also utilizes Windows file filters, and will search any unknown file type as plain text.

Searching Any Network Device

Spirion will remotely search any device accessible through any network, even without installing Spirion on that device.

Regular Expressions

Spirion allows you to search custom and proprietary data with no restrictions, leveraging the full Regular Expression suite in order to ensure you can quickly and accurately find any data type beyond what we include out-of-the-box.

Information Searched

The secret behind Spirion’s comprehensive searching techniques is our AnyFind® technology. AnyFind version 117.0.0 gives you the ability to automatically search for any Social Security Numbers, Debit and Credit Card Numbers, Bank Accounts, and Passwords. You can even automatically find Tax File Numbers, Social Insurance Numbers, National Insurance Numbers, and National Health Service Numbers. We are constantly improving our AnyFind technology through AnyFind Definitions updates. The updates help improve your results by eliminating false positives while keeping true identity matches.

Social Security Numbers

Spirion discovers United States Social Security Numbers and performs the industry’s strongest validations and analyses to maximize accuracy and eliminate false positive results.

Credit Card Numbers

Spirion finds a wide range of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Information including the Primary Account Number (PAN), CCV numbers, expiration dates and other relevant PCI data for MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, JCB/Enroute, and Australian Bankcards.

Protected Health Information

HIPAA requires covered entities to find and protect combinations of data. Spirion is the only product in the market that allows healthcare related organizations find unstructured Patent Health Information (PHI).

Bank Account Numbers

Spirion finds bank account information such as checking and savings account numbers.


Spirion finds passwords, such as those that users store in text files, emails, browsers and other areas users often don’t even know exist.

Dates of Birth

Spirion can find Dates of Birth by performing detailed contextual analysis on the data, distinguishing a date of birth from other dates.

Phone Numbers

Spirion will find every North American phone number in a data set, or just particular user-defined phone numbers.

Driver License Information

Spirion finds Driver Licenses, including scanned images. Our software will let you limit your search to selected states or search for all drivers licenses.

Personal Addresses

Spirion finds Personal Addresses in many different formats.

Canadian Social Insurance Number

Spirion finds the Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). Canadian businesses and individuals can achieve the same level of protection as American enterprises.

Australian Tax File Number

Spirion finds the Australian Tax File Number (TFN). Australian businesses and individuals can achieve the same level of protection as American enterprises.

United Kingdom National Insurance Number

Spirion finds the United Kingdom National Insurance Number (NINO). British businesses and individuals can achieve the same level of protection as American enterprises.

United Kingdom National Health Service Number

Spirion finds the United Kingdom National Health Service Number (NHS). British businesses and individuals can achieve the same level of protection as American enterprises.

Passport Numbers

If you are concerned about your Passport Number being exposed, Spirion will find it on your system to help you protect your identity.

Devices Searched

Network Drives

Spirion will search any share or network drive agentlessly, as long as the machine running Spirion has sufficient privileges to read the drive.

Windows Desktops

Spirion can search Windows desktops both locally and remotely for sensitive data. Spirion DLP Endpoint may be installed on: Windows XP with SP1 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Mac Desktops

Spirion is the only data leakage prevention company on the market that has developed a native Mac application that can search Mac desktops locally. Spirion DLP Endpoint may be installed on: Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and 10.7 (Intel Hardware).

Windows Servers

Spirion can search Windows servers remotely in an agent-less mode, or locally for personally identifiable information. Simply enter in remote connection details, including authentication credentials, to search remote machines like Windows servers. Spirion DLP Endpoint and Console may be installed on: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Exchange Server & Email

Spirion scans local Outlook profiles (OSTs) as well as archives (PSTs) and email attachments to discover sensitive information that may have been accidentially sent to (or received from) third parties via email. In addition Spirion searches Thunderbird e-mail, MBOX mail file format files and Lotus Notes NSF database/e-mail files. Spirion will search: Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010.

Redhat Linux

Spirion can agentlessly search any Linux/UNIX based system (including Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0) that is visible from a Windows or Mac operating system list above. This can be accomplished via Samba, NFS, or any other protocol that Windows can read via a remote procedure call (RPC).

Database Search

Spirion Enterprise Edition’s Database Search module will scan any database with an OLE DB connection, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, etc.


Spirion’s Website Search Module can crawl websites to find any private information that has been unintentionally posted.


Spirion searches browsers and system areas for sensitive confidential data like credit card numbers that may have been stored without your knowledge.

Removable Drives

Simply tell Spirion to search removable drives , and if any are attached Spirion will automatically search them for personal information.

Windows Shadow Volumes

Windows contains a technology called “Shadow Volumes,” that contains previous versions of files that most employees forget about until a leak occurs. Spirion automatically scans and remediates Shadow Volumes out-of-the-box.