Discover Bank Account Numbers

Bank Account Numbers are a valuable piece of sensitive information used by hackers when they commit
identity theft. Organizations seeking to prevent data loss should include bank account numbers within
the scope of their data loss prevention efforts. Spirion finds and protects Bank Account Numbers.
Our proprietary algorithms perform a variety of real-time analytics to
maximize accuracy
and minimize false positives.

Spirion first starts with deep, deep data analysis. When Spirion comes
across data that could potentially be a match, it applies proprietary validation techniques
our data experts have developed after extensive data analysis to determine whether the data is likely
to be a Bank Account Number, such as a checking account number or savings account number. These algorithms
are updated every month with new information to increase accuracy.

Beyond deep data analysis, Spirion also performs contextual analysis to increase
the accuracy of returning relevant information. By performing contextual analysis, Spirion can
ascertain whether the data is being referred to in a way that would also indicate it is relevant to
an end user. Finally, Spirion puts all of this power into the hands of the user. Although the
software supports defaults that have been configured by our data analytic experts, users may tune the
sensitivity of the search and cater it to the unique data set they are searching within their own internal