Discover Passwords

Passwords are not typically recognized as part of an individual’s identity. However, the increasing
number of capabilities offered through online institutions allows users with passwords to transfer money
from bank accounts, purchase goods, and many other highly private activities. As a result, passwords
are highly sensitive pieces of information and are considered one of the easiest forms of identity theft.
Organizations looking to secure sensitive data and stop data loss should absolutely include passwords
within their scope.

Passwords are often stored in files such as text documents and Microsoft Office documents as well as
in system areas like the Windows Registry. Sometimes users intentionally store this information to help
them remember their logins. Other times, applications store this information unbeknownst to the user.
Regardless of reason, hackers seek this information to help them get access to secure locations.

To keep this sensitive information secure, Spirion provides a number of features. Built within
the application is an Spirion Password Vault. Login and password information stored within this
vault is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

In addition, Spirion automatically finds password using its AnyFind technology. Once found,
user can clean this sensitive information to prevent a data breach from ever occurring. Spirion
first starts with deep, deep data analysis. When Spirion comes across data
that could potentially be a match, it applies proprietary validation techniques developed
by our data experts to determine whether the data is likely to be a Password. Beyond data analysis,
Spirion also performs contextual analysis to increase the accuracy of returning
relevant information. Doing this helps Spirion ignore random strings and increase the accuracy
of finding Passwords.