PCI Data Security & Discovery Tools

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) assembled the Payment Card Industry Data
Security Standard (PCI DSS), a worldwide information security standard to help organizations that process
card payments to prevent credit card fraud. Despite these efforts, data breaches continue to occur and
credit card fraud is still a major business. Spirion helps organizations prevents data loss
and comply with PCI DSS by intelligently finding and securing PCI Data, including credit card numbers,
dates of birth and other types of personal information..

Our proprietary algorithms perform a variety of real-time analytics to
maximize accuracy
and minimize false positives. In addition to Spirion’s
sophisticated search algorithms for finding credit card numbers (CCNs), social security numbers (SSNs)
, and other types of personal information, Spirion leverages its MultiFind
mode to facilitate finding specifically Payment Card Industry (PCI) Information.

Simply configure MultiFind and specify which combinations of data you deem sensitive
and let Spirion discover only those locations that meet your specifications. Using MultiFind,
users can hone in on the type of sensitive information that their organization finds concerning and
then take action on this data to prevent data breaches and align with various compliance requirements
such as PCI DSS.