Search All Your Hardware

Spirion searches a wide variety of locations to maximize its effectiveness at preventing identity
theft and stopping data loss.

Windows Desktops

Spirion can search Windows desktops both locally and remotely for sensitive data.

Mac Desktops

Spirion is the only data leakage prevention company on the market that has developed a
native Mac application that can search Mac desktops locally.

Windows Servers

Spirion can search Windows servers remotely in an agent-less mode for sensitive information
like personally identifiable information. Simply enter in remote connection details, including
authentication credentials, to search remote machines like Windows servers.

Remote File Systems

Spirion can search any remote file systems accessible from your Windows installation of
Spirion. Enterprise Client customers have been known to search Linux file systems, Macs,
and other common file systems using the remote machines feature in Spirion Client for Windows.


Spirion can search any database that supports an OLE DB connection. This capability includes
Oracle, SQL Server, and any database that supports an ODBC connection.


Spirion can crawl websites to find any private information that has been unintentionally posted.


Spirion searches every file type and discovers sensitive data wherever it resides.

E-mail Messages and Attachments

Spirion searches e-mails and attachments to discover sensitive information that may
have been accidentally sent to third parties.

Browsers and System Areas

Spirion searches browsers and system areas for sensitive confidential data like credit
card numbers that may have been stored without your knowledge.

Removable Drives

Simply tell Spirion to search removable drives, and if any are attached, Identity
Finder will automatically search them for personal information.