Search Databases

Databases are common locations where large amounts of information are stored. Applications typically use databases to store personal information to help facilitate common business processes like facilitating credit card payments and shipments. As a result, hackers tend to target these locations to obtain confidential data and they are a common source of data breaches.

Setting up Spirion to search databases is easy. The Spirion database wizard allows users to quickly establish a connection. Spirion is capable of searching any database with an OLE DB connection, including Oracle, SQL Server, and databases that support an ODBC connection. Identity Finder can find social security numbers, credit card numbers, and many other types of sensitive information automatically and intelligently in databases.

Spirion’s AnyFind technology is catered to structured locations like databases. Sensitive data is stored in structured locations very differently than it is within unstructured locations such as files. Spirion’s data analytics experts have taken this unique type of location into consideration and developed special technology to facilitate finding personal data. As a result, Spirion’s search technology is highly accurate and minimizes false positives.