Search E-mail messages and Attachments

Organizations frequently use e-mail to facilitate sending documents, despite it being an unsecured communication mechanism. Sent and received e-mails are rarely deleted, so e-mail archives are a major store of information. If the e-mail messages or attachments contain sensitive data, then they are highly susceptible to compromise.

Spirion searches e-mail messages and attachments for sensitive information. In particular, Identity Finder searches Exchange and Outlook profiles, including remote mail folders and detached Outlook PST data files, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and any e-mail client using the MBOX file format.

Spirion will always show the exact path to where sensitive information is found. For example, it will tell the user when sensitive data is found in an e-mail message’s attached zip file, including specifically which file within the zip file where that data was found.

Spirion for Windows v4.6.1 and later include the ability to search Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes including messages and attachments. Individual mailboxes can be searched with the specified credentials or all mailboxes can be searched as long as there is an administrative account that has read access to all of the mailboxes.