Search Files

Files are the most common source of data breaches. Too often do employees unintentionally save sensitive information in files in an unsecured format. Even if organizational policies state otherwise, employees often resort to convenience and accidentally leave files on their desktop or file share without the proper protections.

Spirion searches files for sensitive information. Spirion is capable of searching every single file type. For common file types, Spirion has its own special technology for opening and parsing the file. For less common file types, Spirion leverages the Windows IFilter installed on the local machine. For unknown file types, such as a proprietary file format developed by an organization, Spirion will perform a text extraction and search any readable characters for sensitive information.

By default, Spirion only searches files that commonly contain sensitive data. This list of commonly searched files includes compressed files, such as ZIP, tar, rar, and many others. Users may modify this setting though and increase the search breadth to every single file type, including music and image files that do not typically contain sensitive data.

Spirion’s search history enables intelligent searching of previously searched files. Rather than repeating a search on a file, Spirion first confirms the file has been modified since the previous scan. Using this search history, Spirion can greatly expedite the time in which a complete search is performed.