Search Mac Desktops

Macs have become increasingly common in today’s workplace. As a result, they are just as likely as any Windows machine to contain insecure customer or employee data, leaving your organization vulnerable to a data breach. Spirion intelligently and comprehensively searches Macs to help you find personal information and provides the tools to analyze that information and take action to protect it.

Spirion can search Mac desktops both locally and remotely. Spirion for Mac is a native Mac application that can be installed directly on Macs. It is perfect for searching a single desktop and has the same search analytics strength as the Windows Client counterpart.

To search Mac desktops remotely, Spirion for Windows must be installed on a Windows machine that can access the Mac’s file system. Assuming the Mac is mapped and its files are viewable from the Windows machine, Spirion can search the remote Mac’s file system for sensitive data.