Search Websites

Websites are commonly used in organizations to facilitate communication both internally and externally. Public facing websites where information is posted are common sources of data breaches. There are numerous examples of employees accidentally posting confidential data to these public sites.

Similar examples of unintentional posting are also available for an organization’s Internal websites, especially an organization’s intranet. With the advent of user generated applications like Wikis, organizations are enabling any employee the ability to share potentially confidential information.

Spirion crawls websites to find any private information. Our customers search both their internally facing intranet websites and their externally facing internet websites for confidential data thay may have been unintentionally posted. The website module supports searching both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. It searches both web pages and web files. Choose whether you want to ignore external links or follow external links as you search for sensitive information. Simply specify the link depth to which the Identity Finder Client will crawl and let it do all the work!