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Spirion Sensitive Data Platform: Solution Overview

The Challenge

Data proliferation, increased data protection and privacy legislation and data loss incidents are top of mind concerns for businesses today. Organizations are tasked with protecting their data footprint to address these challenges but find that it can be very difficult to protect sensitive data if you don’t know what you do have or where it resides within the ecosystem. This lack of data insight puts organizations at risk for data breaches, reputational damage and fines for non-compliance with data protection laws.

The Solution

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) provides Privacy-Grade™ data discovery and purposeful classification in a highly scalable SaaS hybrid architecture, able to thoroughly scan both on-premises endpoints/servers and cloud repositories at enterprise scale. It quickly and automatically discovers, classifies, and remediates almost any form of sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) anywhere on-premises, in the cloud, and on all endpoints.

Spirion SDP accurate and comprehensive data discovery and automated classification are the essential first steps for controlling the sprawl of sensitive data and are vital to ensuring accurate and timely compliance with expanding privacy laws and regulations.

Find any sensitive data, in any location

Spirion SDP unique, and proprietary AnyFind™ in combination with our sensitive data definitions are built-in for key data types. These proprietary technologies in addition to traditional keyword, dictionary, and RegEx scanning combine to provide the most accurate data discovery in the industry and are provided out of the box without the need for ML training.

The platform provides a flexible hybrid approach to data discovery and classification with both software-based agents for on-premises servers or endpoints and agentless scanning in the cloud for simplicity, scalability, and performance. Supported data locations include a wide range of databases, data lakes, file types, and cloud repositories such as Amazon S3 Buckets. Searching anywhere is one of the specialties of the platform, providing wide coverage scanning within extensive data file types including: Office, PDFs, text, personal storage files, and other unstructured data formats like images. All this technology combined provides the ability to identify what needs protecting all over the ecosystem to apply the necessary controls.

Modern scalable architecture

Spirion SDP advanced, Kubernetes containerized microservices software architecture allows for isolated customer environments that ensures high levels of scalability and performance, with a cloud-hosted console for configuration and management using an intuitive and efficient UI.

Data Privacy Manager System Architecture

Modern productive UI and playbooks

Data Privacy Manager Playbook exampleSpirion SDP provides a modern User Interface (UI) with intuitive configuration tools like Playbooks. Wizards make it easy to step through even complex configuration steps. A real-time return of scan results allows quick tests of scheduled scans that run uninterrupted during off-peak hours. Playbooks use advanced interactive flowchart tools for a time efficient layout that allows for visualizing even the most complex sensitive data discovery, classification, and remediation workflows.

Advanced dashboard and flexible analytics

Data Privacy Manager Playbook exampleSpirion SDP embeds Microsoft’s Power BI engine for its advanced reports and dashboard visualizations, leveraging an enterprise-scale reporting and analytics engine already in use across the industry. Its dashboard provides both system-level overviews and an in-depth drill-down into sensitive data scan results.

Spirion SDP is a SOC 2-compliant hosted solution on Microsoft Azure and will also be supported on Amazon AWS and private cloud or on-premises installations.

See Spirion Sensitive Data Platform in action

Watch how Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) data discovery agents are built to be both comprehensive and efficient – all within an easy-to-use interface with the highest accuracy in the market.

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