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Data Privacy Manager: Solution Overview

Spirion Data Privacy Manager: Solution Overview

The new SaaS analytics platform that provides Sensitive Data Discovery and Classification on premise and in the cloud at enterprise scale

Security professionals focused on data privacy and risk management need to efficiently find sensitive data and make informed decisions to protect what matters most. Spirion’s new SaaS solution, Spirion Data Privacy Manager, provides optimal data performance and scalability for ever-growing data to ensure sensitive data discovery and classification across all data types and environments.

The solution’s search efficiency and accuracy enable you to focus on the sensitive data you need to protect in a complex world of security requirements and privacy regulations. With our SaaS platform, organizations achieve operational and cost efficiencies by spending more time protecting the data that matters, and less time on ever-changing IT infrastructure.

Spirion Data Privacy Manager Dashboard
Spirion Data Privacy Manager Dashboard

Save time and resources with Spirion Data Privacy Manager

  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Manage data risk
  • Prove compliance
  • Protect what matters most: your sensitive data

Spirion’s industry-leading sensitive data discovery capabilities allow users to search for anything, everything and everywhere in the cloud, in storage and on-premise. Find sensitive data, structured and unstructured, with * 98% accuracy and the lowest false positive and negative rates in the industry. Use our automated, persistent classification rules to manage your data and reduce your attack surface.

The new and intuitive interface uses analytics and is designed to help users quickly drill down with a few clicks to understand sensitive data assets and powerfully manage risk efficiently and accurately. Visualize how data is protected and improve security posture to reduce your exposure. Provide the necessary reports with user‑defined KPIs based on a personalized weighting system.

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