Cornell University

“Cornell is committed to taking all steps practicable to protect the private data of our community members. An extremely important step toward this goal is the inventory and potentially subsequent removal of private data on computer systems. We believe offering and supporting a set of tools to accomplish this task best serve our university. Cornell has added Identity Finder to its toolkit to help inventory and protect private data.”

Carnegie Mellon University

“We went looking for a scanning tool and with Identity Finder we not only found a scanning tool but we found a remediation console all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface. That’s just the tool. As important to us in any purchasing decision is the vendor relationship. Identity Finder, LLC became an instant partner, responding to our request for additional functionality (redaction) in record time. There’s talk of partnering and there’s delivering on a partnership. Identity Finder, LLC is delivering.”

University of Virginia

“Identity Finder has been a critical component in our efforts to secure confidential data. The generated reports make it easy to identify and secure sensitive data. The customer service team have been prompt and accurate.”

Texas State University

“We found Identity Finder produced more consistent, comprehensive and reliable results, across a wider variety of file types, and with fewer false positives, than the other products we evaluated.”

University of Iowa

“Of all the products we reviewed, we found Identity Finder to be most reliable in finding true matches and less false positives.”

Baylor University

“We selected Identity Finder because it provides the flexibility of self-service searching and remediation while still enabling central reporting. The Identity Finder team has been extremely agile and flexible in developing their software, allowing them to quickly meet Baylor University’s needs. This fast response has made our partnership a success! We also use Identity Finder in our forensics efforts to quickly identify any sensitive information that may be stored on the machine to guide our forensic process.”

University of Notre Dame

“We chose Identity Finder because it was imperative that we found a software platform that allows us to both manage the vast amounts of information necessary to running a major university and to make sure that information is protected.”

Quinnipiac University

“Identity Finder’s searching capabilities are very comprehensive and the built in ability to remediate directly from Identity Finder is an enormous benefit.”