Spirion v10.0 delivers comprehensive cloud support, Spyglass Executive Dashboard, as well as new search and remediation capabilities to strengthen the data security and privacy of any organization.

The biggest impediments to adopting the cloud in organizations have been concerns around data security and compliance with data privacy regulations. Spirion v10.0 extends Remote Cloud Storage Data Discovery, Classification and Protection to include G Suite and access Spirion data via RESTful APIs.

Also, new in Spirion v10.0 is the Spyglass Executive Dashboard. Spyglass provides enterprise-wide, visualization of an organization’s sensitive data risk exposure with the ability to drill down into a specific areas of interest. This powerful new feature provides executives with real time and historical trend data on existing data, newly created data and protected sensitive data—whether on premise or in the cloud.

Use Spirion Spyglass to Visualize and Manage Enterprise Risk

With Spyglass, enterprises can quickly assess risk posture, exposure and protection status of sensitive data across the company. Dashboard components come in a variety of visualizations presenting users with intuitive controls to manipulate massive amounts of data to understand what sensitive data exists, where it is and isn’t located, when it was found or removed, who owns it, and how it is protected, if at all.

  • Single screen visualization of all your sensitive data and remediation activities
  • Know your Maximum Exposure vs. what’s Protected at any time across your environment – on premise and in the cloud
  • Visualize trends, showing Existing Data vs. Newly Created Data vs. Protected Data
  • Drill down into specific departments, users, or systems to isolate potential risk
Spyglass - for Data Loss Prevention

Leverage Unparalleled Discovery Accuracy

Spirion provides uncompromised accuracy enabling organizations to find anything, anywhere in any format – on premise and across the cloud. In this release, Spirion has improved upon its already incomparable accuracy with updates to its branching validation algorithms and contextual awareness. Discovery enhancements help improve performance for organizations with extremely large data stores and already highly-customizable searches can now be restricted to specific timeframes and around blackout periods.

Branching Validation Algorithms. Patented technology comprised of dozens of predefined and linear classifiers, procedural validators (when searching data this means search results can be precisely validated using tree traversal so that the results of early validations can determine whether any and which additional validations are executed), checksums, Boolean logic formulas, decision trees, exact data matches, dictionaries and an optional user defined rule builder.

Focus on data-in-use. Organizations with really large data stores can focus their limited resources and time to data-in-use.

  • Exclude search of data that hasn’t been changed or accessed
  • Search now includes SharePoint search history and cloud location search history
  • Discover and classify only files that have changed

Limit Search History. Expanded search history functionality limits searching of data that is already sensitive.

Granularly Define Search Timeframes. Schedule search timeframes and blackouts to provide control over when searches are allowed to start, pause and resume.

  • Granularly define when discovery activities are performed
  • Schedule blackouts to align with IT change control

Add Sensitive Data Visibility to Splunk through Enterprise App Integration

Through the Splunk Enterprise Integration, users can share, analyze and correlate Spirion’s sensitive data results with existing enterprise security investments. The app replaces costly and complex third party development integration and manual data exports.  This allows enterprises to quickly and easily add Spirion’s rich data set to existing information about systems and users to better understand risk.

Further, through Spirion’s Splunk UBA integration, users can improve incident response and investigation times of insider threats by leveraging Splunk’s enterprise search capabilities across Spirion’s event data.

  • Splunk Enterprise Integration. Greatly enhance Splunk’s data by giving it the context of data sensitivity. Share, analyze, and correlate Spirion’s sensitive data results with existing enterprise security systems. Replacing costly and complex third party development integration and manual data exports, the Spirion integration allows endpoints and locations to be queried by Splunk to show the amount of sensitive data each holds and the amount of data that is currently unprotected.
  • Splunk User Behavior Analytics Integration. Improve incident response and investigation times of insider threats by leveraging Splunk’s enterprise search capabilities across Spirion’s event data.

Extend Access to Any Data in the Cloud.  Discover & Classify at the Speed of Business.

Spirion v10.0 extends Remote Cloud Storage Data Discovery, Classification and Protection.

Access any data across your organization with native support for G Suite (Google Drive and Gmail).  Spirion’s RESTful APIs extends access to 3rd party platforms and delivers a new range of insight into your existing IT security tool investments.

Visualize Cloud Data via Spyglass. 

  • Quickly see the posture of sensitive data within all cloud environments
  • At-a-glance view of risk exposure
  • Isolate trends in the creation and protection of sensitive data in the cloud

Greater Control in Cloud Remediation Actions.  Automated redaction and masking of any sensitive information in the cloud now prevents sensitive information from ever being viewed by unauthorized persons.

Cloud support for G Suite (Google Drive and gMail).  Native support extends data security management to on-premise and cloud email and storage—including G Suite (Google Drive and Gmail).

  • New Cloud remediation actions (Redact and Encrypt)
  • Search and locate risk associated with sensitive data in Google Drive and Google Mail
  • Search and classify email attachments

Secure Data Migration Projects Faster.  Discovery Teams support extended to SharePoint, MS Exchange, databases, and cloud environments.

  • Preserve data governance, security and privacy during data migration projects
  • Locate risk associated with sensitive data prior to migrating cloud environments

Automatically Remove Sensitive Data that Breaks Policy. Better define the classification of outbound messages based on the sensitivity of attachment as well as the content of the message.

  • Emails inherent the Classification attributes of files as they’re attached to messages
  • Automated remediation of e-mail messages based on attached files

Access any data with Spirion RESTful APIs for Console.  Access Spirion data via web API’s for Console to communicate with 3rd party applications.

Extend Spirion’s rich data to enterprise information security systems, including: security information and event management (SIEM) systems, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platforms, cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and user behavior analytics (UBA) platforms. As well as, any other IT and security investment, thereby increasing visibility and accessibility.

  • Correlate security event data with Spirion’s security data to provide a broader context of threats

Remediate Overly Permissive Data with User Access Remediation

Enforce a least-privileged model across sensitive data, eliminating the risks associated with overly permissive files. Demonstrate adequate care to your regulators that your IT controls are stringent and that you are providing effective protection around your sensitive data.

  • Lock down overly exposed and stale data
  • Remove the risk associated with data risk permissions within the IT environment
  • Access Control Remediation for manual and automated modification of ACLs
  • Edit user permissions

The industry’s only plug-and-play solution for managing sensitive data.

Having limited visibility into your organization’s sensitive data increases its risk for a catastrophic data breach. Spirion® has the solution for simplifying your organization’s data protection security challenges. The Spirion Data Platform was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing your organization’s sensitive data footprint quickly and continuously.

  • Within an hour start seeing sensitive data results
  • Within a day create an inventory of sensitive data on all systems
  • Within a week Implement a process for continuous data protection

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