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Look anywhere. Find everything. Decrease false positives. Bad actors are after your data. Be proactive and learn more about putting sensitive data discovery and classification at the heart of your security strategy to protect your most critical asset.


As sensitive data moves through its life cycle, it leaves a footprint. Our Dummies Guide to Classification provides guidance for implementing security controls that automatically classify information by data type, ultimately reducing data risk and preventing data leaks.

Protect and Comply

Complying with ever evolving data protection laws can be confusing. Our data-sheet for CCPA summarizes essential elements of this new regulation to help you protect what matters most and be in compliance.

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Stop Data Leaks at its Source

Sensitive data at many organizations are subjected to uncontrolled sprawl, resulting from excessive data collection, rampant and uncontrolled data duplication, flawed business processes or long and unnecessary data retention. Documents, files and data sharing within and outside of an organization further compounds the risk of a data breach or mishandling.

If left unmanaged, for every legitimate user of sensitive data, up to 100 additional users will have access to it.

If left unchecked, every legitimate piece of sensitive data will create up to 1,000 unnecessary copies.

The average reduction in Sensitive Data Sprawl with Spirion

*These assessments are based on before and after audits of the implementation of Spirion’s Data Platform.

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