Spirion Data Risk Assessment

Discover where your sensitive data resides  – take proactive actions now to protect what matters most. 

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Eliminate Blind Spots

Proactive Approach

A Spirion Data Risk Assessment is STEP ONE to build a well-planned, well-executed incident and impact mitigation strategy. It offers a complete analysis of your IT environment identifying where data lives, how it is managed and what level of risk it faces. 

PLUS – you’ll receive a comprehensive readout in days, not months, with efficient and actionable insights, minimizing potential risks. 

Data Detection

Determines the location, volume, and types of sensitive data.

System Sampling

Samples and identifies critical systems and data across repositories. 

Risk Sorting

Sorts the data by risk level to inform compliant response plans.

What’s Included in the Assessment

Precision Discovery:

Uncovers structured or unstructured data with 98.5% accuracy, eliminating false positives to safeguard vital information.

Repository Vigilance:

Scans across diverse repositories—from cloud databases to employee workstations—delivering a comprehensive threat snapshot.

Risk Insight Mastery:

Insights provided at the file, asset, network level to reduce risk exposure.

Proactive Threat Mitigation:

Operational insights for actions against uncovered risks to foster a security-centric culture and build a robust data breach response plan.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment:

Identifies and mitigates risks, from poor password management to third-party access.

Elevate with Easy Reporting

Visual reports generate financial data risk impact assessments for a clear benefit vs. cost analysis, quantifying business value and mitigating tangible risks.

Strategic Data Insights:

Valuable insights to propel internal evaluation and inform budget decisions for a robust, comprehensive data governance solution.

Continuous Safeguard:

Comprehensive ongoing proposal to continue data risk identification and mitigation.

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Spirion’s Data Risk Assessment provides the ultimate shield, combining automation, visibility, and efficiency for a proactive defense against evolving data threats.

Use Spirion to get a snapshot of your threat surface with accuracy that can be depended on.

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