Increase Response Speeds with Spirion Sensitive Data Finder

Extend discovery with patented technology and automated responses to navigate privacy regulations, subject data responses, and stay compliant without the complexity.

Precision Data Association:

Unleash patented AI/ML-driven name recognition for accurate subject responses and comprehensive data associations.

Efficient Request Management:

Streamline DSAR, SRR, and IRR processes, reducing errors and ensuring compliance with response timelines.

Adaptive Compliance Templates:

Customize and extend response templates effortlessly, ensuring adaptability to evolving privacy regulations.

Compliance Confidence

AI/ML-Driven Data Discovery

Patented technology recognizes all data types across your org within structured and unstructured data locations and ensures complete subject disclosures and compliance.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind
Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Adaptive Compliance

Regulatory Flexibility

Intake and fulfill or refuse subject data requests, while monitoring the status and timing of requests and responses to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Key Features

AI/ML-Driven Data Association:

Patented technology recognizes human names and associates disparate personal data for comprehensive responses.

Automated Data Discovery:

Discover sensitive data across various data locations for efficient discovery, eliminating manual search efforts.

Response Workflow Management:

Collaborate and manage timing of subject requests, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Customizable Templates:

Create and modify DSAR/SRR response templates to stay adaptable to evolving privacy laws.

Extensible Regulatory Definitions:

Add or update parameters, supporting new or changed privacy regulations without the hassle of additional software or licenses.

Broad Data Coverage:

Discover all data types within the organization across various data locations for comprehensive disclosures.

AnyFind® and Sensitive Data Definitions:

Leverage pre-defined searches or create custom definitions ensuring accurate discovery of sensitive data.

API for End-to-End Workflow:

Streamline the SRR, DSAR, and IRR process with automated API support that integrates integrating with external portals.

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Enhance your privacy risk management and compliance efficiency with Spirion Sensitive Data Finder.

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