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What’s the difference between endpoint DLP and network DLP?

Data loss is a ubiquitous problem across enterprises. Deploying data loss prevention solutions targeted to specific environments and their potential…


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Some Thoughts On The New Colorado Privacy Act

About the author Scott M. Giordano is an attorney with more than 20 years of legal, technology, and risk management…

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What to know about automated compliance tools

Strict data privacy laws and ever-increasing amounts of enterprise data make maintaining compliance difficult for organizations. Because noncompliance can result…

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Why Florida’s new Cybersecurity Operations Center law is relevant to battling cybercrime

On June 29, Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed into law H.B. 1297, a bill designed to assist the state in…

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Remote work and data protection: How data governance teams can get control over an ever-expanding IT frontier

The explosion of remote work during the COVID pandemic exacerbated an already existing headache for company IT departments: how to…

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What is Big Data Security?

Nowadays, it’d be pretty difficult to find an enterprise that doesn’t use big data in some capacity for its daily…

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Securing customer data in an e-commerce environment

Thanks to the pandemic, e-commerce has become the de facto business model all over the world. While this has opened…

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DLM and ILM Practices Must Meet Data Privacy Laws

Data lifecycle management (DLM) and information lifecycle management (ILM) are common IT practices within today’s enterprises. Organizations implement them for…

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