Prioritize data security through intelligent monitoring

Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher

Data breach detection tools utilizing intelligent monitoring

Security risks need to be proactively detected, monitored, and stopped when they occur. Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher compliments Sensitive Data Platform by collecting file and folder activity on endpoints to help identify unauthorized or abnormal behavior and potential sensitive data security threats. This enables organizations to:

  • Determine if classified sensitive data may have been accessed or exfiltrated
  • Monitor usage of files and folders holding sensitive data
  • Expose potential threats to sensitive data security based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Sensitive data monitoring allows for focused protection on actively accessed data

Monitoring anomalous activity provides prioritized behavior-based incidents for sensitive data and aids in data breach prevention by reducing the likelihood and potential impact of malicious activities. Pre-built queries and incident definitions can be used out of the box or can be easily configured.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind
Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Identify sensitive data at its creation to prevent data breaches

Endpoint security considerations should be re-evaluated in the new remote working world. Scan and classify files on the laptop endpoints when and where employees are working on them. Scan endpoints inside and outside of your physical network.

Data breach reporting for incidents impacting sensitive data

Understand and assess key insights based on incidents reported within your environment. Analyzing these incidents allows for proactive data breach detection and prevention.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

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Actively monitor and understand your organization’s level of privacy risk for your sensitive data

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind