Sensitive data needs one clear protector.

Protect sensitive information with a solution that is customizable to your organizational needs. When your job is to protect sensitive data, you need the flexibility to choose solutions that support your security and privacy initiatives.

Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) provides the foundation of accurate discovery, purposeful and persistent classification, and intelligent remediation to launch an effective data security and privacy program.

Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher (SDWatcher) adds the UEBA-style intelligence to Spirion SDP to monitor and prevent intentional or accidental exfiltration attempts.

Spirion Sensitive Data Finder (SDFinder) combines the power of Spirion SDP with automated DSAR fulfillment to facilitate privacy compliance.

For complete protection, the Governance Suite combines all Spirion products to build a proactive privacy and security posture.

Sensitive Data Platform





  • Search file shares, cloud repositories, and endpoints
  • Support for structured and unstructured data
  • Full library of AnyFind™ algorithms

    Find more with the industry’s most comprehensive list of discoverable data types. <a href="">Click here</a> for details.

  • Distributed discovery agents
  • Vector and regression analysis


  • Objective, consistent classifications
  • Dynamic labelling
  • Intuitive visual markings
  • Persistent and accessible metadata
  • Playbook defined purpose-based classification

    Playbooks make finding & classifying your data easy through an intuitive user interface.


  • Effective and strategic data reduction

    Reduce your threat surface with native shred, quarantine, and redaction capabilities.

  • Secure data destruction
  • Irreversible redaction and anonymization
  • 3rd-party integration support

    Gain extended ROI from your tech stack with integrations that include, DLP, CASB, rights management, de-identification, as well as Microsfoft AIP and more.

  • Playbook automated remediation

    Playbooks make your remediating your data easy through an intuitive user interface.


Monitor & Identify Threats

Monitor & Identify Threats

  • Activity monitoring and analysis
  • Identify and analyze anomalous activity
  • Real-time monitoring on files and emails
  • Determine if sensitive data is at risk for exfiltration


Automated DSAR Fulfillment

Automated DSAR Fulfillment

  • Efficiently fulfill Subject Requests
  • AI-driven human name recognition
  • Correlate identity with sensitive data
  • Subject request workflow management
  • Regulation-specific response templates


Spirion's integration with other solutions provides added value for additional discovery and classification for all residing sensitive data.

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“Spirion sits squarely at the intersection of data security and data privacy, giving our security and privacy teams greater visibility and control over where all of our personal and regulated data lives, including unstructured data, to prevent its accidental or intentional movement. We chose Spirion for its ability to search more broadly than other solutions. As a result, we are better positioned to shrink our personal data footprint and reduce our risk exposure while fulfilling regulatory compliance measures.”

Jeff Lovett, Head of CyberSecurity Operations The Motley Fool