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Spirion Data Impact Assessment (DIA)

Swift and accurate assessment of the impact of an incident to manage data security and risk levels.

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Respond to Incidents

Rapid Insight

Spirion’s Data Impact Assessment swiftly identifies compromised data, providing immediate clarity on the extent of the breach. This speed ensures quick decision-making and targeted response strategies. The result? Estimated breach costs, types of compromised data, and a visually guided report on impacted data for strategy planning, and post-breach risk mitigation

By accurately quantifying breach costs and materiality, Spirion can help enable efficient allocation of resources, potentially saving over $100,000 and 51 weeks of reviewer time for every 10 GB of compromised data.

Data Detection

Determines the location, volume, and types of sensitive data.

System Sampling

Samples and identifies critical systems and data across repositories. 

Risk Sorting

Sorts the data by risk level to inform compliant response plans.

What’s Included in the Assessment

Accuracy and Savings:

Spirion’s accuracy saves significant time and costs compared to eDiscovery tools, empowering efficient responses to tight deadlines.

Financial Impact Analysis:

Quantifies estimated costs and materiality of a data breach, supporting accurate assessment of potential notice obligations.

Blast Radius Visualization:

Visual metrics provide a clear view of the sensitive data landscape, aiding incident response strategies and risk mitigation.

Comprehensive Data Discovery:

Samples and identifies critical systems and data across repositories for a detailed risk assessment.

Identify. Sort. Reduce:

Sample and identify critical systems, sort data by risk level, and reduce exposure at the file, asset, and network levels.

Automated PII/PHI Detection:

Delivers automated reports on personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and detected file types.

Risk-Level Sorting:

Sorts data by risk level, enabling informed compliance response plans and reducing overall risk exposure.

Data Breach Reporting:

Guides reporting based on the types of data breached, ensuring a precise response to disclosure deadlines.

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Spirion’s Data Impact Assessment is your strategic ally in navigating the complexities of data breaches, ensuring precision, compliance, and cost savings.

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