Every minute of every day, organizations are creating evermore massive stores of structured and unstructured data in multiple formats. Spirion provides essential data discovery, classification, and protection at all six phases of data lifecycle management. This helps your organization improve its enterprise data loss prevention strategies and comply with regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more.


Data Creation

Too often, much of the data created within organizations goes undiscovered — and, thus, unprotected. The Spirion proprietary AnyFind data-discovery technology ensures that all data is discovered both on-premises and in clouds, including personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and payment card industry (PCI) data — along with an organization’s confidential information and intellectual property. As data is created, it is instantly searched, classified, and reported on, thereby, setting the stage for optimized security and compliance.


Storage Management

Once data is created, it needs to be protected with the necessary security controls. To deliver optimized data security, Spirion provides detailed data management reporting along with powerful data management capabilities. From a central console, data security policies and workflows are set and managed to meet both your organization’s policies and the compliance requirements for every kind of data.


Role-Based Security and Data Use

During this stage, role-based security controls are applied to all sensitive data via tagging based on internal security policies and compliance rules. The Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher provides always-on monitoring to control data in near real-time. When a file is created, copied, edited, detached from an email, extracted from an archive, retrieved from cloud storage, or otherwise modified, it is instantly searched, classified, and reported.


Data Sharing

Data is constantly being shared among employees, customers, and partners from different devices and platforms. As it’s shared, it moves between a variety of public and private storage locations, applications, and operating environments. Spirion enables organizations to discover data no matter how many times its moved, copied, and shared and where, including within Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, emails servers, MS Office 365, websites, and images. Employees are notified about sensitive data in files so that they can take appropriate privacy actions.

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Archive Solutions

Most data is eventually archived within an organization’s storage systems. Once archived, it’s important for the data to be both available and protected according to industry compliance rules. Spirion ensures that archived information is accurately classified according to all pertinent internal and external guidelines.

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Permanently Destroy Data

Significant amounts of data needs to be destroyed to reduce the storage burden and improve overall data security. The Spirion Data Platform equips organizations with powerful data remediation features compliant with the U.S. Department of Defense Directive, including data encryption, shredding, redacting, and quarantining. This reduces your data footprint and amplifies your data protection.