Monitor Unusual Behavior with Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher

Gain real-time scans insights, proactive threat detection, and unparalleled control of activity, metrics and file types. 

Real-time Visibility:

Monitor file and folder activity instantly, detecting potential threats and privacy violations.

Early Warning System:

Receive alerts on potential ransomware, encryption, and exfiltration risks.

Active Data Protection:

Actively protect sensitive data by monitoring user activity, ensuring stronger data security posture. 

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Real-Time Scans

Immediate Data Protection

Gain immediate, real-time data protection by detecting files and emails with sensitive data creation, eliminating the need for periodic scans.

Actionable Insights

Proactive Breach Detection

Receive actionable insights based on reported incidents for proactive detection and prevention of potential data breaches. 

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Key Features

File and Folder Monitoring:

Capture CRUD activity on designated areas.

Sensitive Data Identification:

Scan and classify files on endpoints inside and outside your network.

Malicious Actor Identification:

Use pre-defined queries based on MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Proactive Breach Prevention:

Incident reporting and notification for anomalous user behaviors.

Comprehensive Dashboard:

Get an overview of activity, incident metrics, and key file types.

Quick Deployment:

Pre-built and customizable queries for fast deployment and flexible configuration.

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Spirion Sensitive Data Watcher – combine accurate discovery with intelligent activity monitoring. 

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Actively monitor and understand your organization’s level of privacy risk for your sensitive data