Data Privacy Manager

Spirion's new Data Privacy Manager is the premier SaaS analytics platform that provides sensitive data discovery and classification on premise and in the cloud at enterprise scale.


How the Spirion Data Privacy Manager Works

Spirion’s new SaaS based, Data Privacy Manager puts data discovery, classification, and protection at the front-end of enterprise privacy, security and compliance programs. It enables organizations to automatically and persistently discover, classify, understand, control and protect sensitive data to ensure compliance while allowing for greater business agility that scales to enterprise needs. Spirion helps to effectively shrink and label your sensitive data footprint to better keep track of your data in all forms and locations. You will automatically and accurately classify data in real-time as it’s created or changed, and free your employees to seamlessly use the business-critical data they need to perform their jobs.

Save time and resources with Spirion Data Privacy Manager:

  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Manage data risk
  • Prove compliance
  • Protect what matters most: your sensitive data

What is our Data Privacy Management Framework?

What if you could automatically and persistently discover, classify, understand, control, and protect sensitive data in a way that ensured compliance but also allowed for business agility? With Spirion, you can.

We bring the data privacy engine required for the protection of your sensitive data assets by:

  • Enabling you to accurately discover and classify sensitive data
  • Helping you understand the data within the context of your business
  • Taking actions to control your data so you can operate with minimal friction
  • Complying with the laws and regulations built to protect the personal data privacy of individuals across the globe

Platform Architecture


Spirion Data Privacy Manager