Eliminate the Headache of False Positives with CADIA

CADIA leverages advanced algorithmic approaches to deliver precise data discovery and classification. Utilizing proprietary techniques that have been trained and enhanced over many years, CADIA ensures 98.5% accuracy in identifying sensitive data with minimal false positives.

Accurate Discovery

CADIA employs HITL machine learning concepts, ensuring accurate predictions through human oversight. This leads to precise identification of PII, PCI, PHI, and more.

Customizable Models

CADIA’s tunable classifiers adapt to your specific needs, offering customizable data discovery and classification for proprietary information and unique data types.

Real-World Proof

CADIA was developed and trained on billions of real-world records, ensuring highly accurate data detection and classification.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

CADIA & AnyFinds™

Integrating AnyFind and CADIA:

CADIA is powered by Spirion’s AnyFind technology, which treats sensitive data as more than just letters and numbers. AnyFind performs extensive validation checks to minimize false positives and deliver accurate matches. Together, CADIA and AnyFind provide a robust solution for sensitive data discovery and protection.

Performance & Scalability


CADIA applies context-aware algorithms, reducing false positives and increasing the accuracy of data classification.

Performance & Scalability

Flexible Deployment

Deploy CADIA across various environments, from individual endpoints to complex networks, ensuring comprehensive data coverage.

Key Features

Sensitive Data Discovery:

Accurately identify and classify sensitive data types such as PII, PCI, and PHI.

Tunable Classifiers:

Adjust classifiers for proprietary and industry-specific data types.

Context-Aware Algorithms:

Utilize context-aware algorithms for precise data classification.

Multi-Environment Support:

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and various data stores, including cloud and on-premises systems.

Minimal False Positives:

Advanced algorithms reduce false positives to less than 2%, ensuring accurate results.

Comprehensive Data Coverage:

Scan structured and unstructured data, including databases, emails, and file systems.

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Spirion Sensitive Data Platform (SDP) provides Privacy-Grade™ data discovery and purposeful classification in a highly scalable SaaS hybrid architecture.