Your path to true sensitive data governance.

It’s nearly impossible to do business today without collecting and managing sensitive data. As security threats and privacy regulations proliferate, organizations must expand efforts to address both cyber and privacy risks to maintain their reputations, earn consumer trust, and avoid fines and legal battles. Spirion sits squarely at this crossroads, providing solutions for true sensitive data governance across your organization. Our framework outlines key stages of readiness to safeguard sensitive data and sustain compliance now, and into the future.


The first step in protecting sensitive and personal data is finding all of it — wherever it lives.

  • Find all structured and unstructured data across all networks, clouds, remote file servers, and endpoints.
  • Identify sensitive data with 98% accuracy and the lowest false positive rate in the industry and minimize disruptions to business workflow, security, and compliance.
  • Minimize the time your analysts spend locating sensitive information over an ever-expanding big data footprint.

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Categorizing sensitive data is no longer enough. You need purposeful classification that’s dynamic and persistent.

  • Automate data classification throughout the data lifecycle for optimal protection and user access
  • Ensure only appropriate staff members can access critical and sensitive data
  • Save time applying data compliance and security rules and eliminate human error risks.

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Build awareness and identify risks across your organization.

  • Leverage a comprehensive and intuitive system for command and control of your structured and unstructured data
  • Assure constant and consistent data protection and management
  • Maintain efficient and effective control with access, visualization, and reporting of sensitive data at the business unit, endpoint, and user-level — both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Leverage real-time risk remediation for proactive protection.

  • Reduce regulatory non-compliance risks with continuous, high-strength data protection
  • Integrate preferred data security solutions, including DLP, IRM/DRM, SIEM, firewalls, and encryption
  • Create automated playbooks with a broad, flexible range of remediation actions to save time and ensure consistent treatment of sensitive data types

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Avoid fines and maintain compliance, even as data privacy regulations evolve.

  • Gain critical insights about the types of data discovered and classified across your organization
  • Understand where all sensitive data lives and how it’s protected
  • Make regulatory compliance a proactive aspect of your business operation

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