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Accurate data discovery

Data finds ways to slip through the cracks

Sensitive data that exists outside of security and privacy efforts leaves organizations exposed to risk. Yet new data is springs up with every second that passes, flowing across locations, file types, structured and unstructured formats, and endpoints faster than most systems can handle. You need purpose-built privacy grade tools that accurately automate data discovery, because you can’t protect what you can’t see.

Addressing an exponential data sprawl

As efforts to contain data become more critical, data continues to proliferate, demanding more sophisticated, automated, and accurate tools.

175 ZB

The amount of new data that will be created around the world by 2025 according to Seagate Technology.


The amount of today’s data that’s considered unstructured according to


The amount of their time IT and security teams spend chasing down false positives in a flood of as many as 4,00 alerts per week, according to Bloomberg.

450 bilion

The number of online transactions per day as of 2020 according to International Data Corp.

Automated data discovery with breadth, depth, and unmatched accuracy

Spirion stands apart from the competition in a number of critical ways, providing you with true peace of mind that all data is known and accounted for.

Automation you can trust

We go beyond REGEX, machine learning, and keyword searches, discovering sensitive data with proprietary AnyFind™algorithms that eliminate the need for time-consuming manual processes and ensure programmatic and consistent efforts across your organization.

Unmatched accuracy

Our system’s 98.5% accuracy in finding personal, sensitive and regulated data is the best in the business. And we went the extra mile to prove it by commissioning a third-party study that validated our results.

Uncovering data in any location

Spirion leaves nowhere for data to hide, presenting you the complete picture you need to gain control and effectively protect your organization. We search where others fall short, including within Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, email servers, images, cloud storage and websites, building a centralized and complete inventory.

How it works

Spirion moves discovery closer to the data, leveraging containerized microservices on a scalable cloud architecture. Its policy-driven searches find sensitive data wherever it lives using advanced tools that deliver efficient, accurate results, including:

  • Pattern matching to identify strings matching a pattern for social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other sensitive data
  • Branching algorithms go beyond manual or single verification algorithms like RegEx, reducing false negatives and false positives to under 2%
  • Distributed computing to bring discovery processes closer to the data
  • Vector analysis that takes context clues into account
  • Regression analysis to increase detection accuracy
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning (AI/ML)
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