Win $500 Gift Card at Booth #3041

Understand your risk and score big!

Terms and Conditions for Spirion Risk Score Bingo:

  1. For every live demonstration of Spirion technology there will be live drawing for people to win $500 who have completed 5 squares in a row of Risk Score Bingo. There will be 5 chances to win. You must be present at the drawing to win $500.
  2. The first 25 people to complete 5 squares in the bingo card will win $100.
  3. If you win the one-time drawing of $500, you are not eligible to win the $100 for finishing in the first 25.
  4. Employees of government bodies or agencies are not eligible to participate, nor are employees of organizations that would be prohibited from purchasing Spirion technology.
  5. Winners who have met the eligibility requirements will receive their prizes in a cash gift card format amount within 10 business days via email.
  6. Participation in Risk Score Bingo is conditioned on acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.