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Weighing the risk of data breach noncompliance

2021 saw a record number of data breaches, despite 34% of organizations under-reporting them. What does this tell us? Data…

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Looking back at the data breaches of 2021

2021 was a year like no other. Emerging from the previous year’s COVID-related madness, remote work environments became the new…

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How to protect sensitive data amid increased data breach frequency

With the increased frequency of data breaches over the last several years — boosted further by the mass shift to…

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The lucrative cost of cybercrime of PII

As the rate of data breaches increases year over year, the sale of personally identifiable information (PII) is becoming more…

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Understanding malicious insider threat examples to avoid an insider attack

In 2020, insider threats were responsible for 60% of data breaches. Insider threats occur when an employee’s privileged access is…

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7 Things to Consider When Classifying Your Sensitive Data

Data classification is simple in theory. It involves tagging pieces of data by their levels of sensitivity and applying security…

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Endpoint Security Software Shopping Guide

As businesses of all sizes enact digital transformation strategies and permanent remote work policies, the need to protect the endpoint…

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Remote work and data protection: How data governance teams can get control over an ever-expanding IT frontier

The explosion of remote work during the COVID pandemic exacerbated an already existing headache for company IT departments: how to…

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