According to our friends at the Ponemon Institute, 65 percent of info security pros would like to store object data in the cloud. Unfortunately, 47 percent don’t believe or are not sure if data in the cloud is as secure as their own data center. Without drawing intersecting circles of interrelationship, it is clear that there is a bit of a disconnect.

While the primary reason for wanting to move data to the cloud was to reduce storage costs by avoiding new data center investments as well as greater resiliency or disaster recovery, only 12 percent cited greater security. “While IT professionals across many verticals are increasingly putting personal data into object storage, they are aware that they are risking the security of the data, in an environment in which regulatory oversight of data risk is increasing” said Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute. “These survey results confirm InfoSecurity Professionals’ concerns about object storage, migration to the cloud, and resulting security risks”.

In addition the survey found that 64 percent of the financial services respondents are more likely to store customer profile data in object storage on the cloud compared to an average of 55 percent for all other industries.

It may be worthwhile for any organizations migrating to the AWS or any other cloud services to consider a holistic approach to both CASB and the protection of sensitive data.

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