Healthcare Cybersecurity and Privacy Remain Top of Mind in 2019

HIMSS released a report focusing on healthcare cybersecurity trends for 2019 including electronic health records (EHR) and protected health information (PHI).

The Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recently published its 2019 Healthcare Trends Forecast and it wasn’t a surprise that privacy and security are top of mind when it comes to health records. Dedicated to improving healthcare through the best use of technology and management systems, HIMSS equips healthcare industry leaders with the information and analytics needed to make better-informed clinical and financial decisions.

The HIMSS report focused on 4 key trends for 2019, including digital health implications and applications, consumer impact, financial and demographic challenges, and issues around data governance and policy.

Healthcare consumers are leading the charge, demanding greater security and personal transparency around Electronic Health Records (EHR) concerned about the precautions and practices of protecting their records from a breach. To meet this demand, policymakers are looking to their peers in other regions and the private sector to understand and implement policy changes to protect sensitive information sharing.

The report says that those policymakers responsible for health information and technology will be focusing on potential policy changes with motivation from two areas: privacy and security. As a target-rich environment, EHR is ground zero for hackers and their clients, since healthcare organizations the world over are struggling to provide the right information about the right patient to the right provider in a secure and timely manner.

As data breaches feed the daily news cycles, consumer confidence in healthcare data transmission security is at a precipice with 2019 being the year that healthcare organizations amp up their security and privacy provisions or fall victim to malicious attack and demise in customer trust.

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