How to Avoid CISO Job Burnout

A recent survey conducted by the Osterman Research organization of 408 CISOs in the USA and UK produced some alarming results. Of all those surveyed, nearly 70% discovered some type of malware hidden on their networks for an unknown period of time. In addition, over two-thirds of all CISOs have held their job for less than three years. And of most concern was the finding that 91% suffer moderate or high-stress levels on the job with 60% adding that they rarely disconnect and over 80% putting in more than the 40-hour work week. These findings make the job of the traffic controller look pretty good indeed!

With nearly 17% of CISOs reporting the use of medications or alcohol to deal with their job stress, one of the most recommended prescriptions to combat CISO job burnout is a systematic approach to protecting the organization’s data at rest and data in use. Making sure that solution, such as one from Spirion, employs automated classification and remediation of both structured and unstructured sensitive data on-premise and in the cloud is a major first step.

Spirion’s rapid data discovery and classification is now four times faster to help make your job easier!