2018: The Year of the Breach

Top breaches of 2018 and how to protect your organization’s sensitive data.

Third-Party Breaches Only Getting Worse

It’s common for retailers today to work with third-party partners to offer and deliver goods and services when and how their customers want them. But you still must cover your own bases, especially when it comes to matters of data security. North Country Business Products reported a data security incident that may have allowed unauthorized […]

Oklahoma Breach Exposes Decades Old Records

In December of last year, the Oklahoma Securities Commission learned that millions of sensitive files were left publicly exposed on one of their storage servers. Covering a broad sweep of disparate areas, the problem was fixed a day later, but not before thousands of email backups and images were left unprotected. Some of these files […]

Eight Things to Consider When Classifying Your Sensitive Data

Sensitive Data Classification Data classification is simple—it entails taking security measures by assigning a level of sensitivity to each piece of information, making it easier to locate and retrieve. Classifying data is essential in enabling enterprises to make sense of their vast amounts of data. Without sensitive data classification, an organization treats all data as […]