With the responsibility to take a strategic view of your company’s efforts to produce maximum return for all stakeholders, you don’t have time to understand the operation of all the tools your employees use to secure the data that is the life blood of your growth strategies.

Rather, you need a trusted partner to help your employees protect your companies most valuable assets. Spirion is trusted by over 1,000 companies to meet their data security challenges every day. With the Spirion platform, you can eliminate data sprawl, protect your data and focus on growing your business.


You are often overloaded by operational IT issues and firefighting, forcing you to take an inward focus on the IT organization and leaving little room to work with business stakeholders and address new capabilities or innovations that support digital business initiatives. Faced with unprecedented volumes of data, complex global infrastructures and growing data sprawl, you are being asked to increase cost savings and use your data to gain deeper insights about customers.

The Spirion platform allows you to manage your data, including sensitive information, sitting in disparate and disconnected systems locally and in the cloud. Spirion’s flexible software licensing plans give you access to precisely the data managing software you need without paying for unnecessary add-ons or more licenses than you require, allowing you to focus on your digital business priorities.


You know that the data residing in your systems presents a risk, and that the risk is more than a hacker penetrating your firewall and stealing that data. Today’s data security risk come in the form of mishandling, data sprawl and ransomware. Coupled with the fact that more than 80% of enterprise data is unstructured and growing at a rate of 36% per year according to the Ponemon Institute, qualifying the level of the risk — never mind protecting against a potential breach — can seem impossible.

Spirion’s data security platform mitigates risk by actively monitoring the creation, use and storage of data, to give you the power to easily and more effectively enforce regulatory and corporate security policies on endpoints, intranets, file shares, SharePoint® sites, databases, Office 365 and in the cloud.

The solution further protects structured and unstructured data through the use of Data Discovery, Classification, Monitoring and Protection, including privileged user access to sensitive data – maximizing your investment while minimizing risk.

IT & Security Professionals

Your organization is constantly facing nuisance malware, ransomware scares and advanced attacks. Alerts are nonstop, patching and upgrading systems is time consuming, and managing data sprawl is becoming a burden that is impacting user productivity.

You need an accurate, intuitive and intelligent data protection and management platform that can reign in data sprawl, identify and protect sensitive information and close all of the data visibility gaps in your structured and unstructured data. You need a solution that will grow with you, multiply the effectiveness of existing security tools, and minimize your organization’s attack surface. You need the Spirion Platform.

The industry’s only plug-and-play solution for managing sensitive data.

Having limited visibility into your organization’s sensitive data increases its risk for a catastrophic data breach. Spirion® has the solution for simplifying your organization’s data protection security challenges. The Spirion was designed to provide a comprehensive solution for reducing your organization’s sensitive data footprint quickly and continuously.

  • Within an hour start seeing sensitive data results
  • Within a day create an inventory of sensitive data on all systems
  • Within a week Implement a process for continuous data protection

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