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Frequently Asked Questions

Spirion Console Admins

  • How does Spirion scan a user’s laptop if they are working from home?

    All Scheduled Tasks will run as scheduled, including those on user’s laptops, provided that the agent on that laptop received that scheduled task while it was connected to the network. If the agent on that laptop doesn’t have a search task schedule on it, users can run a search using the agent wizard.

    See the following article for more information on how to run a search using the wizard:

    Run a search using the wizard

  • How does Spirion send the results to the Console when users are working from home?

    The local agent on a user’s remote computer will save the search results, then send them to your Spirion Console when the device can connect with the Console.

  • Do search results on an agent get deleted after a specific time?

    No. Once an agent runs a search, the results file is stored on the device until it can connect to the Console and send it those results.

  • Should we encourage users to do routine scans of their devices until they are back in the office?

    If you have not configured routine searches of those devices, then yes – have users run searches on a set schedule.

  • Should we scan cloud-based resources more often while people work from home?

    If your users regularly save files in the cloud while working in the office, you’re probably fine. The number of files saved to the cloud shouldn’t change much. Keep your regular schedule.

  • Should I change my purge endpoint service task?

    Yes, if you have a purge endpoints service task configured to remove endpoints that have not polled in a certain amount of time. Remove or modify the task so it doesn’t purge endpoints while users are working from home.