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Forcepoint ONE CASB (fka Bitglass)

Forcepoint ONE CASB (formerly called Bitglass CASB) with integrated identity management, Bitglass includes native SAML Single Sign-on, Active Directory synchronization and authentication, contextual multi-factor authentication, and more – without the hassles of budgeting for and deploying a third-party identity system.  

Forcepoint ONE CASB uses Spirion’s persistent classification tag metadata to make better-informed decisions regarding cloud-sanctioned data.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform

Other Products:
Forcepoint ONE CASB version 8.5 or later. 

Required Skills & Technology:
Ability to modify and execute a local PowerShell script from a SDM workflow or an SDP playbook. 

Released: 08/15/2023

For More Information:

Spirion CEO Kevin Coppins