Lepide Data Access Governance (DAG)

Lepide is a leading Data Access Governance (DAG) solution that helps enterprises protect their sensitive data by understanding who has access to it, how and where access is being granted, and whether Active Directory has been compromised.  

The solution can locate data across File Server and Microsoft 365, see what it is, govern access to it, and monitor what users are doing with it. 

Spirion can send reports of its sensitive data findings to Lepide to take charge of monitoring access to this sensitive data, identifying potential breaches, and scrutinizing any activity involving the data. 

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform

Other Products:
Lepide Data Security Platform version 19.4 or later.

Required Skills & Technology:
Ability to modify and execute a local PowerShell script from a SDM workflow or an SDP playbook.

Released: 08/15/2023

For More Information:

Spirion CEO Kevin Coppins