Spirion Playbook Automation:
LLM Readiness Classifications

Organizations and individuals are embracing the power of AI to deliver results faster. When deployed effectively, AI has the potential to empower companies and service offerings with competitive advantages. Data is the new oil, and Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Model (LLM) datasets are akin to the digital oil boom.

Data toxicity highlights that the risks of sensitive data being leveraged deliberately, or accidentally, in the use of GenAI and LLMs should be considered radioactive gold. The temptation facing many organizations in their adoption, training, and usage of AI, is that they want to feed in as much data as possible (due to its value), however it is critical to sanitize this data to ensure that you are not exposing AI platforms to more than is required (due to the radioactivity and cost of storage).

Spirion ensures that your AI and LLM data retains value without becoming dangerously radioactive. Leveraging our world-leading Privacy-GradeTM accuracy in identifying your sensitive data, combined with our unique context-rich classification engine, to label your data as LLM-ready, Spirion can then supercharge your in-motion data loss prevention (DLP).

These GenAI LLM-ready data tags available in the Spirion console, can be applied manually or through the automation of Spirion’s data privacy playbooks, ensuring actionable classification that builds AI Governance to protect your AI initiatives from becoming toxic through introduction of sensitive information.

This guide offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to enabling LLM-ready data labelling for effective AI Governance.

Spirion Products:
Sensitive Data Manager and Sensitive Data Platform

Required Skills & Technology:
Familiarity with SDM Workflows and SDP Playbooks


Guide: Spirion + Generative AI: LLM-Ready Data

Video: Spirion Playbook Automation: LLM Readiness Classifications

Spirion CEO Kevin Coppins