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Data Impact Assessment

Spirion’s Data Impact Assessment (DIA) is the solution you need to help your clients quickly and fully understand where data lives, how it is managed and what level of risk it faces.

We offer a comprehensive and accurate risk assessment of your data; to get control of your data quickly and easily.

Spirion’s DIA:

  • Samples and identifies critical systems and data across repositories.
  • Sorts the data by risk level to inform compliant response plans.
  • Reduces risk exposure by providing insights at the file, asset, network level.
  • Delivers automated report of the PII/PHI and file types detected in the data.

Traditional eDiscovery Solutions Fall Short

In breach scenarios, precise assessment is essential. Post-breach containment, the immediate goal is to pinpoint impacted data, assess sensitive details (such as credit cards or social security numbers), and identify affected individuals.

To tackle this data mining challenge, law firms and corporate counsel often turn to eDiscovery software with keyword searching and pattern matching (e.g., searching for xxx-xx-xxxx to find a social security number). However, these eDiscovery platforms are insufficient for sensitive data discovery and can lead to noncompliance.

98.5% Accuracy

Market-leading accuracy in detecting sensitive data lets clients prepare breach notifications and safeguard vital information. No AI/ML training or human reviews needed; accuracy achieved the first time!

Scan Anywhere

From cloud repositories to employee workstations, unstructured or structured data, Spirion will find your data… wherever it lives.

Fast Results

Days, not months! Our Proven Process helps prioritize what to scan first. These guided insights inform your review and compliant response plans.

Foundation of Sensitive Data Governance

A Spirion DIA is the foundational pillar to data governance: know your protect surface.

Scope Data Breach with Accuracy You Can Trust

View the Blast Radius

Present clients with an easily understood view of their sensitive data landscape.

Utilize visual metrics to shape incident response strategies, plan for incidents, and support postmortem risk mitigation. This proactive approach ensures the ongoing security of high-value sensitive data

Understand sensitive data footprint with DIA metrics.
Understand data breach impactwith meaningful visuals.

Quantify Costs and Impact of a Data Breach

Financial Impact Analysis

Provide clients with the estimated costs and materiality of the data breach.

Understanding of the types of data taken (credit card numbers, health information, etc.) and their value, helps you accurately assess potential notice obligations.

Visually Guides of Breach

What Data Was Impacted

Your reporting requirements and strategies will vary depending on the data types that were breached. Were social security numbers exposed? Credit cards or bank account numbers? Passports, drivers’ licenses? With Spirion, this information is all at your fingertips.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Future-Proof Clients Data Protection Strategies

Clients can extend their Spirion engagement beyond DIA with Spirion’s comprehensive and robust data protection platform. It offers proven 98% accurate data discovery and advanced analytics to protect your clients threat surface with industry-leading expertise.