Build Your Own Insights with Spirion Custom Reports

Visual, in-app interface — shape, share, and leverage custom tailor reporting that meet your particular needs.

Tailored Reporting:

Craft standard or ad hoc reports aligned with user or departmental needs effortlessly.

User-Centric Views:

Customize report definitions to meet diverse user requirements seamlessly.

Optimized Scheduling:

Schedule report generation at optimal times, enhancing internal efficiency.

No Coding Hassels

Craft Reports at Ease

Intuitive interface lets you select data points, filter columns, and preview results without complex SQL queries or APIs.

Tailored Library

User-Focused Customization

Build shared libraries catering to specific user needs, providing a holistic view of enterprise data security.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Key Features

Intuitive Interface:

User-friendly design for easy report creation and customization.

Data Point Selection:

Choose from a list of available data points for tailored reports.

Column Filtering:

Filter columns by Host, Type, or User for focused insights.

Preview Functionality:

Confirm results with a preview of the first 100 rows.

No Coding Needed:

Create reports without the hassle of SQL queries or APIs.

Online Viewing:

Access reports online for immediate insights.

CSV Export:

Export reports as CSV files for quick analysis in various tools for actionable insights.

Visualize with Ease:

Utilize CSV exports to create impactful visualizations and reports.

Scheduling Options:

Schedule report generation for optimal internal efficiency.

Seamless Data Sharing:

Facilitate sharing of standard or customized reports across the organization effortlessly.

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In-application report generation delivers custom insights about your organization’s sensitive data risk posture. 

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