NIST Privacy Framework : Our Essential Data Protection Guide


Catalog, Map & Track Data with Spirion Data Asset Inventory

Track all assets that contain sensitive data and assign owners, descriptions, physical locations, and security postures.

Precision Data Classification:

Leverage to classify and categorize data for better organization and compliance. 

Effortless Data Organization:

Achieve seamless data organization by employing logical structures based on your business workflows. 

Intelligent Risk Flagging:

Proactively manage policy risks with intelligent dashboards highlighting potential data vulnerabilities within your organization. 

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Ensure Compliance 

Comprehensive Compliance

Aid regulatory compliance with PII tracking, data sovereignty, retention, DSAR/SRR inclusion, security measures, and business process mapping.

Enhance Security 

Insightful Risk Analysis 

Identify and mitigate potential breach risks through technical and business data analysis that identify data owners, types, and locations.

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Key Features

Data Classification:

Classify sensitive and personal data, enhancing organizational control and adherence to compliance standards.

Logical Grouping:

Organize data using logical groups, processes, and departments for seamless alignment with your business workflows. 

Intelligent Dashboards:

Visualize sensitive data risks through dashboards, ensuring proactive policy risk management for your organization. 

Insightful Analysis:

Gather insights through technical and business data analysis, identifying and mitigating potential breach risks effectively.

Compliance Assistance:

Aid in regulatory compliance, tracking PII, ensuring data sovereignty, managing retention, and mapping business processes. 

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DAI enables cataloging of all assets that contain sensitive data across your IT environment (on-premises and in the cloud) and assign asset descriptions, ownership, physical location, and security measures. 

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