Choose Your Own Remediation Path with Playbooks’ Guidance

Elevate your control, automation, and security, improving data management productivity. 

Visual Precision:

Simplify complex data workflows with visual flowcharts for clear and accurate processing.

Operational Insight:

Color-coded paths provide quick understanding of scan journey results through decision and action steps.

Effortless Automation:

Transition from manual to automation – validate logic, and with a click, automate for larger result sets.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Existing Integrations

Custom Extensibility

Enhance capabilities with PowerShell and Python scripts, allowing complex processing of scan results integrating seamlessly with your existing security tools.

Remediation Control

Flexible Configuration

Tailor actions based on diverse data attributes like location, access control lists, modification dates, and more, providing flexibility in managing and remediating sensitive information.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

Key Features

Visual Workflow Design:

Design workflows with interactive flowchart symbols for discovery, classification, notification, and remediation tasks.

Broad Remediation Actions:

Choose from a flexible range of remediation actions, from classification and assignment to using external tools like Microsoft Purview, PowerShell, and Python scripts.

Decision Logic Weighting:

Tie decision logic to metadata attributes, ensuring nuanced processing based on factors like location, access control lists, modification/access dates, and more.

Manual/Automated Actions:

Execute manual actions for validation and approval, such as redaction or quarantine, or automate once the Playbook has been validated for larger result sets.

Marketplace Integration:

Explore Spirion’s Marketplace for additional tools and actions to enhance the capabilities of SDP Playbooks.

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Optimize your data journey with SDP Playbooks. Unlock precision, control, and automation seamlessly.

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