NIST Privacy Framework : Our Essential Data Protection Guide


SPIglass® Executive Dashboard

Data breaches happen. SPIglass Dashboard gives you real-time insights to make informed decisions and protect your organization.

Financial Clarity:

Uncover potential financial impacts of cyber risks for precise decision-making and evaluate compensating controls based on breach probability.

Informed Strategy:

Enhance decision-making on cybersecurity investments and risk mitigation strategies while establishing accountability for cyber risks at executive and board levels.

Effective Communication:

Speak a common language about cyber risks with stakeholders and prioritize risks according to their financial impact, focusing on critical areas.

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Understand the Data

Risk Prioritization

Efficiently prioritize risks based on their financial impact, channeling resources towards critical areas and deficits.

Understand the Data

Insurance Optimization

Quantify specific data risks and compensating controls for enhanced risk transfer and negotiate better insurance terms with a clearer understanding of your coverage adequacy.

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Key Features

Real-time Insights:

Instant, actionable insights measure your team’s security efforts and support financial business cases.

Financial Impact Metrics:

Easily quantify and track the fiscal impact of your organization’s cyber risks.

Risk Communication:

Common language facilitates communication with data owners, executives, boards, regulators, investors, and insurers.

Progress Tracking:

Tangible metrics track progress, demonstrating ROI and supporting business cases for new initiatives.

Insurance Assessment:

Evaluate insurance coverage adequacy by quantifying specific sensitive data risks and compensating controls.

Executive Accountability:

Financial metrics hold executives accountable for cyber risks, promoting proactive risk management.

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Spirion SPIglass delivers a shared understanding of sensitive data risks across your organization.

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