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Accurate discovery, automated classification, and assured protection

Spirion and Seclore together

Key benefits and features of
Spirion + Seclore

By combining privacy-grade discovery and classification with data-centric protection, Spirion and Seclore together provide a best-of-breed combination that benefits organizations by delivering a better understanding their sensitive data wherever it travels.

Seclore Rights Management automatically applies persistent, granular usage controls to protect data that has been identified as sensitive by Spirion’s industry leading data identification engine. This combined approach significantly improves your data privacy efforts and eliminates the risk of data breaches, misuse of data, and compliance violations.

Spirion’s discovery + Seclore’s usage controls

Augment Spirion’s detection and classification capabilities by adding persistent, granular usage controls from Seclore

Automatically enhance your security posture

Automatically attach usage controls and classification labels to sensitive data upon discovery by Spirion, to enhance your security posture.

Data-centric audits and regulatory compliance

Experience data-centric audits and regulatory compliance – even for data that travels and resides beyond an organization’s perimeter.

Advanced remediation capabilities

Seclore integration offers Spirion customers advanced remediation in the form of granular and revokable rights management.

Dynamic dashboards and insights

Reduce SOC Remediation Requirements with dashboards that provide insights into how your protected data is being used.

Proactive data security model

Stop chasing your data by adding Seclore Rights Management to change your security posture from reactive to proactive.

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Easily unpack how Spirion + Seclore are better together by reading our solution overview and blogs or listen to joint webinars.

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