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Spirion Data Risk Assessment

Do you know where all your sensitive data is located? What about how it’s stored, if it’s up to date with ever-changing compliance regulations, or if it’s risky? Did you answer no to any of these questions?

You’re at risk for a data breach.

In today’s world, organizations must grasp the risks to sensitive data. With evolving threats like malware, ransomware, and phishing, data security is crucial. Cybercrime inflicts over $8 trillion in global damages annually.

What is a DRA

Spirion’s Data Risk Assessment (DRA) is STEP ONE for organizations to fully understand where data lives, how it is managed and what level of risk it faces. Our DRA supports your Data Security Posture Management initiatives with a complete analysis of your IT environment and:

  • Determines the location, volume, and types of sensitive data.
  • Samples and identifies critical systems and data across repositories.
  • Sorts the data by risk level to inform compliant response plans.
  • Reduces risk exposure by providing insights at the file, asset, network level.

98.5% Accuracy

Market-leading accuracy in the market enables you to forecast and plan how to protect vital information.

Zero-Trust & DSPM

The foundational pillar for Zero Trust or DSPM initiatives: know your sensitive data.

Scan Anywhere

From cloud repositories to employee workstations, unstructured or structured data, Spirion will find your data.

Timely Results

In days, not months! Our Proven Process helps prioritize what to scan first. Check out the proof!

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98.5% Accuracy You Can Trust

Unmatched Sensitive Data Discovery

Gain a holistic view of your entire IT environment and identify potential security risks with a sensitive data discovery scan that provides you with the location, volume, and types of sensitive data in your digital infrastructure.

Reduce The Cost of a Data Breach

Financial Impact Analysis

Build a top-of-funnel approach with a measurable business justification for conducting a DRA. Easily determine the estimated cost of breach reduction to provide your stakeholders with information about your business’s risk thresholds and driving value for a DRA.

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Roadmap for Protection

Easy Reporting Features

Quantify business value and mitigate tangible risk and impact of a data breach. Spirion’s DRA generates a financial data risk impact assessment in a highly visual format to easily understand security and compliance risk and provide a benefit vs cost analysis.

Discover Sensitive Data with AnyFind

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Spirion goes beyond one-and-done data discovery to build a culture of data protection, privacy, and compliance. It offers proven 98% accurate data discovery and advanced analytics to protect your clients threat surface with industry-leading expertise.

Use Spirion to get a snapshot of your threat surface with accuracy that can be depended on.