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Automate data protection with Spirion Data Privacy Manager’s Playbooks

Spirion’s new Data Privacy Manager (DPM) provides industry-leading sensitive data discovery and classification in a highly scalable SaaS hybrid architecture, with the capability to thoroughly scan both on-premises endpoints/servers and cloud repositories for performance and protection.

Automated playbooks make finding, classifying and remediating your data easy

As well as being the watch dog of an organization’s sensitive data, DPM uses Playbooks instead of workflows to help teams prepare for and handle incidents without worrying about missing a critical decision.

Unlike convoluted processes with other approaches, the easy-to-understand UI creates a step-by-step investigation. By following simple commands that allow for a remediation process with actions and weights at each step, users can automate the process to control sensitive data by stacking multiple actions based on a series of decision points.

Playbooks allow for fine grained control of sensitive information. This allows companies to handle the same types of data differently, as needed. Diverse sets of actions can be configured depending on a wide variety of information, from file location or access control lists to when files were last modified or accessed and by whom.

Playbooks are suitable for all users ranging from the most novice administrator to a seasoned analyst and are regulated by their on-access permissions. Since only approved actions can be taken at any step, potential errors and omissions in detecting and remediating data privacy risks are greatly reduced.

The DPM Playbook is a method to help teams match the complexity required by an organization to prepare for and handle incidents and overall simplifies complex tasks through automation to control sensitive data.

Easy-to-use interface that makes understanding complex workflows simple

DPM’s user interface enhances the visual aspects of playbooks making it easy to use with a sensible and trainable UI. Playbooks use interactive cards that provide all relevant options while hiding everything irrelevant to the user’s task at that moment. It uses progressive disclosure by adding single cards, one at a time in the Playbook builder, and uses self-segmentation in the Playbook viewer to empower the user to choose their own path through remediation.

Data Privacy Manager Playbooks

This is better than other workflows as it is easy to use with intuitive design flows that provide all possible options for remediations in a relevant, simplified UI that implements the concept of Playbook “cards”. Users can access a simple dropdown configuration for details. Each set of cards represents an easy to follow colored path that is easy to differentiate from the path not taken that is greyed-out. Users can easily see the automated step progress for remediation with a status indicator, and a navigator that allows the user to conveniently traverse a complex flow.

Operational and time efficiencies are just a click away with Playbooks in Data Privacy Manger. Offer your data privacy team the much need protection and performance to handle incidents without missing a critical step.

See Spirion Data Privacy Manager in action on July 30th

Register for our live demo on July 30th at 10AM ET to see how Spirion Data Privacy Manager’s playbooks make controlling your data and complying with regulations possible – all within an easy-to-use interface with the highest accuracy in the market.

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